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How secure is your home?

Cornerstone home insuranceThat moment we head home after an arduous day; we anticipate the comfort and tranquillity, the tenderness of the sofa, and the welcoming palm of our ever-waiting bed at home, which are just a few of the antithesis of the stress from work and road traffic.

We look forward to this every day, and when it’s finally Friday, the excitement that we will rest during the weekend doubles. In all of this, there are life happenings – both natural and manmade – that threaten the security of our homes.

We often say home sweet home, don’t we? Yes, home is indeed sweet for Mr. & Mrs. Ogbonna, a couple who lives in the city of Lagos.

Mr. John Ogbonna’s wife, Stella is a courteous woman. Stella leaves no stone unturned to make everything looks perfect in the house. Their two children, the fourteen-year-old Kelechukwu and his elder sister, sixteen-year-old Obianuju are learning well from their mother’s skills. As teenagers, they sometimes scatter the house but ensure they rearrange it to an extent before their parents return from work.

Security in their gated estate is adequate to ward off external threats from burglars and their cohorts but due to the spate of insecurity in the country, the Ogbonna’s have heightened the measures put in place to ensure their family is not in harm’s way.

However, there are some dangers and security threats that are beyond our control. Although, at home, the family has the tradition of switching off all their electrical appliances whenever they are going out but on a fateful day, life happened.

The electricity had just been restored and there was a spark. It happened on a Tuesday afternoon when the children had gone to school and the parents were at work. The little spark resulted in a fire outbreak. It began in their kitchen. Before the neighbours could see the smoke billowing from the house, the interior was already up in flames. The fire service arrived very late, with little water. The house was totally razed. Vital documents and many other belongings were destroyed in the inferno.

Home insurance crowns the efforts of families to secure their valuables. The unfortunate losses of the Ogbonnas to the fire would have been mitigated if they had Cornerstone Home Insurance which provides indemnity to the insured against the following:

  • Loss or damage to the buildings caused by an Insured peril (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Malicious damage, etc).
  • Loss or damage to the Contents, whilst contained in the buildings and caused by an Insured Peril.

It also provides additional benefits such as:

  • Cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Legal liability to the public.
  • Death of the Insured due to fire or action of thieves.

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Securing our homes should be a priority. That is where we rest our heads, enjoy true comfort and peace of mind. Reach out to us on how to sign up for our home insurance packages and other insurance products that can mitigate risk when life happens.

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