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5 reasons to get Travel Insurance on your next trip

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, locally or internationally, always think travel Insurance. There are many factors associated with traveling that you cannot control, hence it is good to protect yourself against unpleasant surprises.

At the end of this short article, you will learn 5 good reasons you should get travel insurance for your trip.

1. Lost Luggage

Do you know your luggage can go missing from the point of boarding, in transit, or at arrival? Just imagine you standing in arrivals waiting endlessly for your luggage and it doesn’t show up. Not pretty right, well travel insurance can help you relieve the stress,  Cornerstone Travel insurance will replace the missing items without you having to pay for them.

2. Accidental Medical Treatment

Travel Insurance will take care of medical expenses in case you are involved in an accident during your journey. Accidents can occur anytime, no matter how careful one is. In many cases, such accidents require medical attention, and this is where the power of travel insurance comes to play. The bills will be settled.

 3. Permanent Disability

Some accidents can render people permanently disabled. Travel Insurance has a compensation package in case this occurs to the insured while on a journey.

 4. Delayed Departure

Delayed departure can be frustrating, especially when you are traveling by air. Some morning flights, end up being canceled or delayed till the evening and you miss your appointment or connecting flight. Travel insurance has you covered and you will be compensated for it.

5. Death

Some travel-related accidents are unfortunately fatal. In this case, there is cash compensation for the next of kin of the insured.

There are tonnes of reasons to get travel insurance other than the few listed above. The benefits are massive, see more HERE.

How to Purchase Our Travel Insurance

Complete the basic online form and pay conveniently with either a debit card or make a bank transfer into any of our bank accounts.

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    I just finished reading your article on the importance of travel insurance, and I couldn’t agree more! It’s such an essential aspect of trip planning that often gets overlooked. Your writing style is so engaging; it felt like you were speaking directly to me, which made absorbing all this crucial information a breeze.

    Your point about medical emergencies while traveling really hit home for me. It’s something we don’t often think about when we’re excitedly planning our trips, but accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere. Your story about your friend’s experience abroad was an eye-opener. It’s a stark reminder that travel insurance is not just an optional add-on but a safety net we should all have in place. I’ve learned my lesson from your article, and I’ll definitely be getting travel insurance on my next adventure. Thanks for sharing your insights and personal experiences; it makes the information so much more relatable. Keep up the fantastic work, and I can’t wait to read more from you!

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