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Travel Safeguard: The Best Insurance for Local Travel

Looking to buy travel insurance for your domestic trips? If yes, then you’re making the right decision. With the insecurity in parts of the country, it’s your best bet to travel with your mind at ease. Whether you are travelling for a business trip, vacation, or medical treatment, securing yourself and luggage is a great investment that is worth every penny.

What is Travel Insurance? 

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with travelling. Like a parachute in a time of need, the policy covers individuals travelling domestically or abroad.

How Does Travel Insurance Work? 

When you buy travel insurance, you pay an insurance company a premium. If the unexpected happens like flight cancelation or loss of luggage, the insurance company pays for the expenses.

Ever experienced travel mishaps when travelling local? You can save yourself the stress with our travel safeguard policy.

Why Travel Safeguard?

Travel Safeguard is a first of its kind travel protection plan developed specifically for passengers travelling either by road or air across different destinations in Nigeria. This policy provides adequate travel protection and compensation packages for passengers travelling within the borders of Nigeria, through the provision of cash sum compensation to the passengers/next of kins in the unfortunate occurrence of an accident or loss of the passenger’s checked-in baggage.

How Does the Policy Work?

The cover typically commences from the time of boarding from the departure city and ends upon alighting from the vehicle or disembarking from the aircraft at the passengers’ destination (i.e., cover is limited only within the travel period).

The product is offered in two categories:

As the name applies, it’s mainly for road travellers and comes in three variants (Essential, Gold and Platinum Covers).

The Travel Safeguard Air comes in four variants (Compact, Essential, Gold and Platinum Covers) for travel by flight.

Both road and air variants feature unique limits of coverage and are equally available for individuals or group purchases at single trip, return trip and annual multiple trips depending on the passenger’s preference.

Features & Benefit of Travel Safeguard

These includes:

  • Cash sum compensation for accidental medical expenses incurred
  • Cash sum compensation for loss/theft of checked-in baggage
  • Cash sum compensation paid to the passenger’s next of kin in the unfortunate death of the passenger due to accident
  • Cash sum compensation paid to the passenger’s next of kin for the transport of passenger’s mortal remains in the unfortunate death of the passenger due to accident.

How to Purchase

To buy the travel safeguard policy, you’re to complete our basic online form and pay conveniently with either a debit card or make a bank transfer into any of our bank accounts. This policy is exclusively issued online on our website.

To learn more about our offerings:  Visit: | Call: 07086216957 | or Email:

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    1. Travel safeguard is a great initiative from Cornerstone Insurance. It protect travelers in Nigeria against the perils of the road.

  1. Traveling opens up a world of possibilities, from breathtaking landscapes to unique traditions and vibrant cultures. It teaches us to appreciate diversity, embrace spontaneity, and live in the moment

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