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Who Needs Marine Insurance?

Cornerstone Marine InsuranceFor international traders, Marine Insurance is a necessity and is crucial to their business survival and sustenance.  Importation and exportation command huge capital and should be well protected against unforeseen circumstances.

It is compulsory in Nigeria to get Marine insurance if you are importing a consignment from overseas, but it is wise and more beneficial to choose Cornerstone as your insurer.

Unlike road and air travel, transportation by sea has peculiar risks which are alien to other means of transportation. Many dangers are associated with ships, cargo, or even terminals. As a result, this policy provides cover for damage or loss incurred whilst sailing. It also covers transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the origin and destination.

Every shipper should take Marine insurance seriously, and rightly so. For this reason, we have carefully designed this policy to take care of all the possible risks you can encounter. Cornerstone Marine Insurance Policy will shield you from all known dangers from the port of origin to the port of discharge.

Categories of Marine Insurance

Hull: This covers the risk connected with marine navigation. This category covers the sea perils. These include drowning, grounding, stranding, and collision due to bad weather situations at sea. The policy also covers perils occurring at sea whether during the voyage or not, like fire, explosion, theft, piracy, capture, and confiscation.

Cargo: This covers the loss or damage of cargo (consignment) during the process of transportation from the port of origin to its port of destination.

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How to Buy Cornerstone Marine Insurance?

  • Complete a basic online form with details of the consignment and upload Proforma Invoice Document HERE
  • Select from a list of payment options to make payment.
  • Download softcopy of Marine Insurance certificate and policy document upon successful payment which a copy will also be sent to your email.

Marine Cargo Insurance – Reliable cover as you sail the seas.

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