4 Must Have Insurance Policies

Safeguarding your valuable assets is a great way to make strong individual monetary decisions, and the right insurance policy will help you protect all that you cherish. In this article, we examine four insurance plans you must have.

1. Children Education Fund

We all agree that parenthood is not something to be afraid of despite the zillions of responsibilities Nigerian parents undergo, when caring for their children. While it is true that education for children is necessary, many parents are still clueless about how to go about it. Children Education Fund (CHEF) is the perfect remedy that helps you stay one step ahead of worries. With as low as 5,000 naira a month, you can safeguard your child’s educational journey with an attractive interest rate.

2. Life Insurance

Life insurance can often be confusing. Many people know what it is but aren’t sure why they may need a policy. This can lead to people putting off getting a policy or, worse, not getting one at all. To ensure your family gets a constant source of income to sort out their finances after your death, getting life insurance is important. Without your income, your family might struggle to survive in the current Nigerian economy, where inflation is on the rise

Also, stay at home parents play a huge role in providing value for the family. If the unexpected happens, your spouse will have to bear the weight of the value rendered, so life insurance is key for you. Amazingly, this policy can serve as a collateral to any financial institution and can be paired with our investment and saving plans.

3. Home Insurance

Your home is where the heart is. It holds all your possessions, memories and most importantly your loved ones. So, make it a priority by ensuring it’s fully secured from uncertainties. However, despite the best protective measures you try to put in place, accidents like flood, fire, burglary and other damages can happen unexpectedly. These things can impact your life and destroy your home in more ways than one. To protect your home, you’ll need home Insurance to cushion the effect of the loss. Buying this policy helps you cover the cost of an alternative accommodation, as well as loss or damage to your possessions.

4. Motor Insurance

The importance of having motor insurance is multi-faceted. Let me help you break it down. First, it’s illegal in Nigeria not to have third party insurance. Secondly anything can happen on the road. So whether you’re an expert driver or the next Lewis Hamilton, at least have 3rd party cover to avoid telling stories or spending unexpected funds.

In addition, there are interesting characters on the highway who can hit your car anytime. And trust me, you don’t want to go through the stress of telling them to fix your vehicle when they don’t have 3rd party insurance. In cases like this, getting comprehensive motor insurance will give you peace of mind, knowing that your car will get fixed anyway. The comprehensive motor insurance policy is the ultimate ‘get out of hassle’ free card, it covers damage to your car and any 3rd party property.

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