What Happens If You Don’t Have Life Insurance?

Life is never a bed of roses; it flips from bitter-sweet or vice versa. Life will happen and no one has the power to change a thing about what she wants and when she wants it.

Life insurance is a beautiful concept; a smart initiative that can be traced to ancient Rome. History has it that Caius Marius, a Roman military leader, created a burial club among his troops whereby if there was an unexpected death of a club member, other members would pay for the funeral expenses.

Let me tell you a story.

A beautiful young couple with a near-perfect life lives in a highbrow area of Lagos. They have everything going well for them. The wife, Lola, is a senior manager in one of the first-generation banks, and the husband, Esosa is a CEO of an Oil & Gas firm in Victoria Island, Lagos.

When Lola was carrying their first child many years back, she learned of Life Insurance while on maternity leave. Her childhood friend, Tope had visited her at home. They gisted about everything from marriage to finance and life in general. Life’s philosophy led them to how their mutual friend lost her husband to an unfortunate incident.

She was left alone. Things went awry; the husband was a hardworking man but did not know the importance of life insurance for every family. He did not know that life insurance is a necessity to protect the family’s wellbeing when the breadwinner is no more.

As they were discussing, and Tope was about sharing how her husband had perfected a life insurance policy for their family, Lola’s phone rang.

Her husband was calling, “Hello Sweetie”, she responded excitedly.

“Sorry Madam, this is not your husband”, a male voice from the other end declared.

Lola was shocked; she retorted, “who are you and what are you doing with my husband’s phone?”

Her husband had been involved in an auto crash. It was not life-threatening but he sustained some injuries. Pregnant Lola and Tope rushed down to the hospital where her husband was being treated. He was bruised on his right shoulder and leg. Bandaged and discomforted Esosa said to his wife: “Please thank God that I am alive.”

He was on his way home from work when a reckless trailer driver lost control and rammed into nearby vehicles including Esosa’s, one person died on the spot.

That was the turning point for Esosa and Lola.  As soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he quickly bought a Cornerstone Life Insurance Policy as recommended by Tope.

Esosa was lucky, it was not too late for him to make amends and do the right thing for his family. Not everyone will be as fortunate as Esosa.

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