Why saving is good but investment is better

Saving is a good habit that everyone should cultivate; it can be your haven in case of unforeseen circumstances, but you can get more from investment.

When you save, you keep your money from being spent but when you invest, you keep and grow your money.

If you acknowledge that saving is one step away from poverty, it should be easy to apply the same theory to investment.

There is a tonne of investments which could be long or short term. However, let us introduce you to a form of investment that is risk-free and more beneficial to you and your family. You can go to bed when you put your money in Maximum Investment Plan (MIP).

MIP helps to provide a lump sum through planned and disciplined savings. You will be paid a guaranteed benefit at the end of the plan and in case of death, your family will get a sum assured.

We all have different reasons for wanting to invest, however, the chief of all will be to grow our money, right?

Do you know that if you sign up for MIP, you will get much more than growing your money? Your interest is secured and guaranteed. You can also convert it to an annuity. It can be a life insurance cover for your family. You would agree that this is a wholesome plan that you should sign up.

Features of MIP

  • You are eligible to take up this plan if you are under the age of 60 years
  • Guaranteed interest rate, subject to annual review.
  • Interest will be credited the moment payment is successful via using an ATM card or Bank transfer.
  • Interest policy loan, subject to a maximum of 70% of the fund balance.
  • Annuity option at maturity.

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Benefits of MIP

  • Creates capital for future needs (i.e. school fees, homeownership, start own business, etc.)
  • Sum assured (life cover) in the event of death of the investor is N150,000.00
  • Death benefit is one-off cash sum (invested fund balance and life cover) to the beneficiary in the event of death during the policy term.
  • Policy can be tendered as collateral with any financial institution.

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Let’s discuss Maximum Investment Plan. Send a mail to brand@cornerstone.com.ng or call 01-2806500.

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