Insurance: The financial independence you should embrace

Insurance is a veritable channel to attain financial independence, you should embrace it. It is however a process that requires patience, determination, discipline, and a futuristic approach.

Dependent children want a level of independence from their caregivers – so do people being governed by another – Happy 60th Independence to Nigeria.

Infants depend on adults for every need including bathing, eating, and the likes but as they grow, they grow in their journey to be independent. To be truly independent, you need to possess physical, mental, emotional, and above all, financial independence.

Financial independence is the oil that lubricates human endeavors. Money is transient and dynamic; you should multiply money through investments and savings. I attended a webinar last month where I was reminded again that many people spend money on liabilities as against assets hence, their money loses value and diminishes over time.

According to the resource person, anything that takes money from our pocket is a liability. I was shocked when he listed a building structure as a liability. He said if a house does not bring money to the owner, it is not an asset but a liability. Prior to the webinar, I never saw it that way. Now, I know better that if a house can be a liability, then a car will be first on that list. However, a car that brings money is automatically an asset.

You might ask: How then can insurance be a channel for financial independence? It is simple: Insurance helps to reduce risks associated with unforeseen circumstances that could dig a big hole in your pocket.

There are many insurance policies that an adult should buy; from investment, motor, home, life to annuity insurance, these can help in no small measure the smooth running of our lives in the face of life’s challenges.

Have you noticed this: No matter how careful a driver you are, you will be driving on the same road that reckless drivers ply. Many road users only get the statutory third-party insurance which only protects other people on the road; whereas they should get comprehensive insurance that protects them and other people. Who protects others while he himself is not protected?

The older you get, the tougher it is to make money, hence, now is the right time to plant something that will grow along with you. When you are old, it will be harvesting time.

A quick peep into some of the insurance products that can help your quest to financial independence:

  1. Home Insurance: This policy provides indemnity to the Insured against: Loss or damage to the Buildings caused by an Insured peril (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Malicious damage etc). Learn more
  2. Term Assurance: As an adult, especially a married man, get a term assurance (life insurance) policy for your family. It is a way to show your family that you truly care for them.
  3. Motor Insurance: Get comprehensive insurance so you don’t have to spend money fixing your car because of accidents, theft, vandalism, or flooding. Cars require maintenance as part of the expenses. Choose from any of our pocket-friendly policies. Learn more
  4. Annuity: This one is as crucial. Annuity will help you to retire in peace. While you are no more in active service, you will receive salary for life.
  5. Maximum Investment Plan: This policy helps to provide a lump sum through planned and disciplined savings.  On death during the plan, you will receive a sum assured. Learn more

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