Insurance is confidence

Why Insurance Is Confidence

Insurance is confidenceInsurance is confidence; it can be likened to a Nigerian adage that says: a child whose father sends to steal, kicks the doors open with both legs. The child has enormous confidence in the father, that if any issue comes up, his father will answer to it completely.  This is what insurance is about.  It gives you total confidence to live your life with no fear.

In fact, Insurance is the Cornerstone; it affords you a backup plan which stands like a father figure to answer every issue.

Let me share an incident with you. It was on a Friday evening. A family man was on his way home from work when he remembered that his wife had earlier in the day sent him a list of items to buy.

Having been held in Lagos traffic for hours, he opted to pick up the items at the nearest shop after leaving the traffic-congested areas. That was his undoing. He spotted a supermarket near the highway, parked his car by the road, and quickly dashed out to pick the items.

Meanwhile, when he returned, his car was gone. He was confused, devasted, and wished it were all a dream. Alas, it was real! His car had just been stolen.

Consequently, he went from one person to another asking people if they saw him pack the car. People laughed at him and some concluded he must be out of his mind — the man just wanted to be sure he truly came out with the car.  These and many more dramas can be avoided when you have a great backup plan like INSURANCE.

Insurance takes away the risks, the fears, the extreme carefulness, and nervousness from one who subscribes to it.  It is not like a religion that one has to believe in. It is about life and reality. Do you want to be like that man who knows he will bear the loss of his car? Or will you be like the informed man who lives a fear-free life because he will not incur the burden of any losses that come up in his life or business?  I would rather be the latter!

Now ask yourself, what are the associated risks in my life and business and what can I do to live a peaceful life, free of fears, and nervousness?  Your guess is as good as mine – INSURANCE.

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