Life Insurance: Have Plans For Your Family?

What are the odds that you could cope when the head of the family is no more? No one plans to die but what are your plans for your dependents in case the ultimate debtor hits suddenly and early.

It’s a fundamental truth that life is a precious gift, but everyone is entitled to only one — one life, one man. If life is only one and cannot be recovered once lost then it should be well protected especially for the benefits of those whose living depends on that one life.

For instance, at the demise of a breadwinner, those he leaves behind will miss his presence and, in many cases, suffer his absence. To guard against life’s accidents, and unforeseen circumstances it is wise to plan for the future by getting a Life Insurance policy that will cater for your dependents when you are no more and cushion them from hardship. It’s also a way to show that you care about their future survival.

One of the wisest ways of planning for life after death for your dependants is to get a Cornerstone Life Insurance policy – it will cater to them when you are no more and cushion them against hardship. It is also a way to show that you care for their future.

What Is Life Insurance?
Life Insurance policy is purely a TERM ASSURANCE cover (strictly a protection plan with no investment-linked); it is specifically designed to provide for the payment of a guaranteed lump sum to a named beneficiary in the event of the unexpected death of the policyholder within the period/term specified by the policyholder. No payment is made by the insurance company if the unexpected event does not occur within the duration of the specified period of insurance.

Some features & benefits include:

  • Affordable life assurance that enables a policyholder to pay a very small amount (premium) and enjoy a very large cover.
  • Maximum entry age is 64 years while the Maximum age of cover is 70 years,
    the contract is renewable annually
  • Pays agreed lump sum to a named beneficiary of the assured in the unexpected death of the policyholder.
  • Whereby the policyholder lives until the end of the specified term of the policy, the policy expires, and no benefit is payable.
  • Policy can be tendered as collateral to any financial institution

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