Easter Travel Tips for Families this Holiday

Getting ready for the Easter holiday? Nothing beats following a few travel tips that count. With Easter drawing near, many families will be traveling to their favorite holiday destinations via road and air transport. However, what should be a memorable holiday experience can become a nightmare if not properly planned. In this post, we’ve listed valuable checks you can follow before embarking on a travel holiday with your family. Read on to find our best travel tips for families this Easter.

9 Travel Tips for Families this Easter Holiday

1. Prepare a Travel Checklist

The first thing to do before planning an Easter trip is to prepare a travel checklist. A travel checklist helps you address known and unknown issues that might occur in your holiday plans. It includes a to-do list of important tasks and deadlines for completion. 

2. Get Required Documents

If traveling overseas for the Easter holiday, be sure that your documents are valid. International border laws expect travellers to present valid travel documents to ascertain their identity and nationality. For best results, apply several months in advance if in need of a visa or new passport.

3. Pack Light

Packing light gives you more freedom when you travel. With less load to drag around, you can easily maneuver past crowded spots, keep an eye on your kids and schedule a taxi from the airport without worrying about back strains from lifting heavy loads.

4. Research Leisure Places to be Visited

Researching a destination before traveling is critical as it helps to avoid culture shock and adverse weather conditions. If possible, get your family involved in the search for places to visit during the Easter holiday. To find great places to visit, narrow your search to travel blogs since they’re a great resource to check for information about countries and leisure towns of interest.

5. Protect Your Trip with Travel Insurance

Whether you’re travelling by road or air you can avoid a host of mishaps with Travel Insurance. With a travel insurance policy, you’ll receive reimbursement against frustrating delays, flight cancelation or loss of luggage. Keep in mind also that beyond international trips, travel insurance comes in Travel Safeguard when traveling locally in Nigeria. However, if traveling with your car, consider buying a personal accident insurance plan for members of your family. The plan provides cover for all medical-related expenses caused by accidents

6. Book Hotel Ahead of Time

Booking early can be beneficial during the peak seasons. Since hotel prices witness a huge rise due to more demand for rooms, you could get a better price than expected if you book on time. Additionally, if you book a room a few days before your stay, you can save a considerable amount per night by earning discounts, which is a great way to cut down on your travel expenses.

7. Request an International Debit Card

If you want a trip devoid of embarrassment then the international debit card is for you. Using an international debit card allows you to make transactions in almost any currency whether online or at a POS terminal. It also gives you peace of mind since you won’t get stranded without money abroad.

8. Get Security Tips on the Place of Destination

Before departure, make sure you consult with security operatives on the safety of the locality to be visited. Regardless of how safe a place might be, a lot can still go wrong in unfamiliar terrain. Therefore, ensure your destination point is safe to avoid stories that touch. It won’t cause a thing to change travel plans than put your family’s life in harm’s way.

9. Be Security Conscious

Always keep a low profile when traveling to a new place this Easter. Don’t talk too much to avoid revealing vital information about you and your family to strangers. By being conscious of threats, you can mitigate the risk of becoming a target of criminal elements abroad. 


Finding the best travel advice for Easter might be difficult. To this end, we’ve provided you with a few travel guides to give your family a hitch-free Easter travel experience. We hope you enjoyed our post on Easter travel tips for families this holiday. But we’d love to hear from you: what works, what doesn’t? Did we leave anything out? Are there Easter travel tips you’d like to see included here? Kindly leave a message in the comment section below.

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  1. Great article I must say. But you forgot to add one thing to the list which is make preparations for a family Easter feast during the holiday.

  2. Traveling is the ultimate form of education. It exposes you to new cultures, languages, and ways of thinking. It challenges your assumptions and broadens your horizons.

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