Children Education Fund: The Best Gift for Kids This Children’s Day

On May 27th, Ade Akintayo sits on the verandah with his children and imagines life without them by his side. He couldn’t bear the thought of not being there to watch his little boys grow into men and his lovely daughters into women.

Ade understood the importance of parenthood. He had lost both parents before he turned 6 and was kept in the care of his poor grandmother. By the time he turned 16, events were not in his favour. While his mates had gotten admission into the university, Ade had dropped out of JSS1 to become an apprentice to a carpenter.

After getting settled by his Oga, he established his upholstery enterprise with the burning determination to go back to school. He later enrolled himself into an evening education class while working during the day. By sheer will and divine fortune, Ade finished his secondary school education and enrolled into a polytechnic where he advanced his studies in woodwork technology.

Today he owns a large furniture company and is married with four kids. But he still gets unsettled whenever he thinks about the future.

Like Ade, you can’t tell what life holds, but you can plan to manage uncertainties.

Now let me introduce you to CHEF.

What Precisely is the Children Education Fund (CHEF)?

The children education fund (CHEF) is an investment plan that supports you with the finances needed to train your kids through school. With this education fund, your savings generates into a lump sum at the expiration of the plan. But if the policyholder dies during the agreed period, the fund balance and the sum assured are paid to your named beneficiary.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cornerstone Children Education Fund

Investing in your children’s education is a great way to show you love and care for them. It transcends beyond the emotional feeling of affection and shows concrete efforts towards safeguarding their future. The following are five reasons why you should choose Cornerstone Insurance Children Education Fund.

1. Earn a Lump Sum from a Small Payment

By contributing a minimum amount of N60,000, you receive a lump sum at the expiration of the policy. The contribution is flexible and allows you to make payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. Given the spread in payment, you have strong control over the amount of money you can contribute each year. Additionally, the education fund is not rigid since you can borrow from it if you’ve grown a little cash value. But note that the policy loan is subject to a maximum of 70% of the fund balance after a minimum of one year in force.

2. Protect Your Children’s Future

If you are looking for the best education trust fund to help with safeguarding your children’s future in Nigeria, consider choosing the cornerstone children education fund. As a last resort in times of uncertainty, the CHEF plan ensures that your kids don’t drop out of school for flimsy reasons. It also protects your kids against hikes in school fees due to the fall and rise of the naira since money is readily available to settle the tuition fee.

3. Provide Hope for Your Children in Your Absence

If you kick the bucket before your children reach higher education, the plan guarantees their progression to the graduate level. You can request an independent trustee to handle the disbursement of your assets. This helps ensure that the sharing is done in a civilized manner, devoid of rancor or fraud.

4. Use as Loan Collateral

Life happens. Unfavorable circumstances might warrant you obtaining a bank loan to cater for immediate needs like health or business survival. You can tender the policy as collateral with any financial institution and receive a loan to slash the pressing need. Note that the education plan comes with a cash value during the policy period, which is subject to terms and conditions.

5. Convert to Annuity

Perhaps if there’s no death, you can convert your fund to the annuity policy upon maturity. After training your children through school, you can decide to retain the policy for retirement purposes. An annuity plan allows the insurance company to send you periodic payments that can last for life.

Take the bold step today by ensuring your kids have an Assured Future. Open a CHEF plan, Now.

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What is the basic requirement for Cornerstone Children’s Education Fund?

Besides the minimum annual contribution of ₦60,000, you are required to know the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • The maximum age of entry is 50 years
  • Minimum policy duration is five years
  • A medical examination at the insurer’s expense may be required for underwriting purposes.
  • The death benefit equals the future unpaid annual premium plus the policyholder balance.
  • Education fund can be converted to the annuity plan upon maturity.

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