Get One-Month Free Motor Insurance in Our Ember Promo

Ember Promo is Here

Save money this Ember period when you get our private motor comprehensive policy (auto classic or auto plus). The Ember Promo allows customers to buy a 1-year policy and only pay for 11 months, hence One Month is FREE. So, you are paying for only 11 months instead of 12. The Ember Promo runs from September 1st 2022, to January 31st, 2023. 

What You Stand to Gain from the Ember Promo  

The Ember Promo covers you from: 

  • Accidental damage to an insured vehicle. 
  • Loss or damage to an insured vehicle resulting from fire or theft. 
  • Damage caused by a malicious act, a strike, a riot, or a civil commotion (an additional cost for the auto classic plan). 
  • Damage to the third-party vehicle up to a limit of N1,000,000. 
  • Damage to third-party property up to a limit of N1,000,000. 
  • Unlimited (but reasonable) liability for death or bodily injury to third parties. 
  • Refund for medical expenses with limits, and much more. 

How Can New Customers Participate?  

New customers can buy one of our private motor insurance plans to be eligible. To buy the product, you will need the following:  

  • Chassis number 
  • Engine number 
  • Vehicle registration number  

You can find these on your vehicle licence document since you’ll be uploading them online, along with a photograph of the insured vehicle. 

So, make haste today, while the offer lasts. 

Call us NOW on 07086216957 let’s discuss the best motor insurance for your budget | Email: or visit to learn more about our offerings.

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