CUP VS MIP - Which Investment Plan Should You Buy

CUP VS MIP: Which Investment Plan Should You Buy?

Are you looking to invest your money into a profitable venture? Perhaps, investing in stocks, real estate or mutual funds can be a good path to wealth creation, but do you know that they are two great investment opportunities you might not have heard about.

What are they?

They are the Cornerstone Universal Plan (CUP) and the Maximum Investment Plan (MIP). As a savings option offered by Cornerstone Insurance, these two plans will provide you with a good return on investment at the expiration of their contracts. While both can be great assets to achieve financial security and growth, they still have their differences.

Difference Between CUP and MIP

The CUP is a savings plan that provides a lump sum with a guaranteed interest that is tied to the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) declared by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), currently fixed as MPR minus 5%. In contrast, Maximum Investment Plan (MIP) helps to provide a lump sum through planned and disciplined savings. A guaranteed benefit is paid at the end of the contract, while a sum assured is paid at the demise of the policyholder.

Cornerstone Universal Plan (CUP) is for individuals looking for short-term savings plans with a 24-month maximum duration. One good attribute of the CUP is that it gives people with low earnings an opportunity to save money with a minimum contribution of N10,000.00 monthly and receive their money with an added lump sum in 2 years. However, individuals who want long-term savings with guaranteed returns for home ownership, or equipment purchases, etc. can consider the MIP plan. The minimum duration for the MIP is 5 years as this gives savers a long timeframe to grow their investment.

  • Cornerstone Universal Plan (CUP)
  • Maximum duration of 24 months
  • The minimum contribution is N10000 per month.
  • Policy can be surrendered after a minimum of 10 months (subject to policy terms and conditions)
  • No annuity option at maturity
  • Maturity benefit is accumulated account balance as at maturity date.
  • The sum assured (Life cover) is the first installment deposit paid on policy. For instance, if you choose a 24-month N120,000.00 premium per annum policy, then the sum assured will be N10,000.00 (for monthly payment); N30,000.00 (for quarterly payment), N60,000.00 (for half-yearly payment) and N120,000.00 (for yearly payment).
  • Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)
  • Minimum duration of 5 years
  • The minimum contribution is N5000 per month.
  • Interest policy loan, subject to a maximum of 70% of the fund balance.
  • Annuity option at maturity.
  • May provide a lump sum at retirement.
  • Sum assured (life cover) in the event of death of the investor is N150,000.00
  • The death benefit is a one-off cash sum (invested fund balance and life cover) to the beneficiary in the event of death during the policy term.
  • Attracts surrender/paid up value.

Creating capital for future needs like car purchase, school fees, home ownership, or business start-up is never an easy job. It takes prudent and disciplined savings to achieve this goal. That’s why we at Cornerstone Insurance have provided two savings plans that can protect you against unforeseen financial problems. The CUP and MIP can become a buffer to help you accumulate that lump sum to take care of your future financial obligations.

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