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Why Insurance should be on your checklist?

There are basic needs of life that are non-negotiable and must be top on every human’s checklist. Food, shelter, clothing, education, and the likes are necessary, so should insurance. It is true that human wants are insatiable, we always lack something hence, we aspire to get more.

Interestingly, insurance should be at the forefront to ensure your valued assets are protected from unforeseen circumstances. You can’t be too protective of your valuables, after all, you worked hard to acquire them.

Insurance has proven to be a good source of peace of mind when life strikes. Insurance cushions the effect of losses of valuables to accidents, loss of loved ones, robbery attacks, fire incidents, auto crashes, job loss, and riots.

About 2,000 insured businesses were affected by the #EndSars protests and according to the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), insurance companies have so far paid N4 Billion to the businesses out of the N4.5bn filed claims. Imagine what happens to uninsured businesses.

If food is important to avoid hunger, shelter is crucial to having a roof over one’s head, and clothing is necessary to cover nakedness, you should have insurance to guard against threats to your source of the provision of life’s needs and wants.

It is your business to protect your business with insurance. Your business may include your spouse, household items, vehicles, and other valuables that are important to you. What if something bad happens, do you have insurance on your checklist?

That nothing bad happens is our prayer, but bad things can happen anytime. You can be a careful person but not everyone will be as careful as you are. For instance, a commercial bus driver’s priority is to make the highest number of trips per day, he is ready to go through unimaginable routes to hit his daily target. He plies the same road as every other motorist, his recklessness can cause harm to other road users, and it could be anyone.

A Cornerstone comprehensive insurance keeps you going, saves you from arguing with and fighting a speeding driver and takes the burden of spending money to fix your car off your shoulder.

Accidents happen at home. Fire outbreak is destructive, robbery attack is not a good experience. Cornerstone’s Home Insurance will protect your home.

There are various life-changing insurance products that you should buy.

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