When a Danfo driver bashed Mr. Tunde’s new car!

Mr. Tunde Smith was in high spirit. His foreign used car popularly called Tokunbo in Nigeria had just been cleared from the port. Along with his mechanic, the Toyota Camry 2010 was driven to his apartment and all the necessary maintenance and registrations were done in a matter of days — including third-party insurance.

On Sunday, he drove the car to church for the pastor’s blessings and to pray against accidents and other dangers associated with owning a car.

Everything went well during the first week until that Monday morning on his way to work when a reckless commercial driver ran into him. The right front fender & the headlamp were damaged in the collision. He refused to take the blame and claimed Tunde was at fault for not waiting for him to join his lane. The argument continued for over an hour. The commercial driver refused to take responsibility and Tunde would not let him go. That was how his day was ruined. He had to let go but arrived at the office late with a bashed car and frustrated!

It was Tunde’s first car; and his first experience of driving in Lagos. He was not prepared for the treatment he could get from other motorists. In Lagos, almost every motorist is hasty. They change lanes abruptly to outdrive other road users.

Tunde was broke having recently purchased the car with his savings, but he had to get a loan to fix his car. His third-party insurance only covers other road users. If he had opted for Cornerstone Comprehensive Motor Insurance, which would have covered the cost of fixing his car to its former glory.

Don’t be like Tunde and many others who spend their hard-earned money to fix their cars when an accident occurs. Make that decision TODAY and put your vehicle and other valuables under  Cornerstone protection.

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