Flooding: How to avoid panic during rain

Flooding in Anambra

Flooding can be devastating; those whose homes and properties it has destroyed can attest to that fact. The Udokas’ story below paints a vivid picture of what deluge can cause.

As the rain pitter-pattered on the rooftop that Friday evening, Mr Udoka’s family of four slept on whilst relishing the soothing feeling of the overnight downpours. Rain on a Friday night in Lagos is the best feeling — no better time for the heavens to send down the showers.

It had barely begun raining when Mrs Udoka left to check if windows were well closed. She also stopped by to check on her 7 and 10-year-olds too before returning to join her husband in bed.

To the Udokas, everything was okay and there was no reason to panic — the rain should pour more waters till daybreak. It was their first time experiencing the rainy season in their new home; they deserve the comfort, and rightly so.

As though the rain was taking instructions from the Udokas, it poured and let loose her waters. It was quite heavy, but the family was enjoying every bit of it not knowing flooding was imminent.

Everything was okay truly but only in the upper part of their apartment.

Due to the heavy downpour, a nearby canal overtopped its bank. The excess water escaped and submerged the neighbourhood, found its way into the Udokas apartment and destroyed belongings in the rooms downstairs. Mr Udoka’s car which was parked outside was also floating on water – they panicked and were helpless.

It was supposed to be a beautiful night with sweet dreams but the reality in the morning was that the Udokas would have to bear the cost of fixing the damage caused by the rain.

However, this would not have been the case had they bought a Home Insurance policy from Cornerstone and  Flood Extension with their car insurance.

One of the major cases of flooding in Nigeria occurred on August 31, 1980 in Ibadan, Oyo State. Many families lost cherished belongings to flooding. Over 200 lives were lost and 50,000+ people were displaced on that fateful day. And of course, properties worth millions of naira were destroyed. There are recent similar references from the Southern, Eastern and Northern parts of Nigeria.

The rains are here, be smarter than the Udokas. You should enjoy the rain in the night and be happy in the morning.

Below are some benefits of buying home insurance:

This policy provides indemnity to the Insured against:

  • Loss or damage to the Buildings caused by an Insured peril (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Malicious damage etc).
  • Loss or damage to the Contents, whilst contained in the Buildings and caused by an Insured Peril.
  • It also provides additional benefits such as:
  • Cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Loss of rental income. (For insured building only)
  • Legal liability to the public.
  • Medical Expenses up to a limit
  • Death of the Insured due to fire or action of thieves.

Remember to ask for Flood Extension when buying car insurance especially if you live in areas prone to flooding.

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