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Cornerstone Universal Plan: The Waterdrop Parable

A shower in my guest bathroom had a leakage which caused some waterdrop from the shower head.  I was tired of seeing the wet floor in the bathroom so I decided to put a bucket under the hardly-used shower to contain the leakage.

After a week or thereabout, I went to the bathroom to check. I was utterly shocked to see that the 50-Litre bucket in the bathroom was filled to its brim – those little, seemingly insignificant drops filled the bucket!

As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. It reminded me that little savings can be huge, that is why it is wise to save no matter how small. It is not wise to consume every kobo of your income.

This parable of waterdrop is akin to financial investments. It shows that when little drops (monies) are saved, they can become massive over time. Some invest a lot while others have limited financial capacity to invest. Many who have less tend to think investment is not meant for them. That is not correct. No matter the size of your income, you need to save and this will accumulate if you invest wisely.

Cornerstone Insurance PLC. has different investment packages that will interest you. Cornerstone Universal Plan (CUP) may just be the type of investment that would suit your needs. You can start this investment with just N10,000.

Cornerstone Universal Plan (CUP) is a short-term savings plan that assists in providing a lump sum over a maximum period of time, 24 months, with a guaranteed interest that is tied to the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) declared by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), currently fixed as MPR minus 5%.

Some of the benefits of CUP include:

  • Creates capital for future needs (i.e. school fees, home ownership, start own business, etc.) 
  • The sum assured (Life cover) is the FIRST INSTALLMENT DEPOSIT paid on the policy e.g. if one chooses a 24-month N120,000.00 premium per annum policy, then the sum assured will be N10,000.00 (for monthly payment); N30,000.00 (for quarterly payment), N60,000.00 (for half yearly payment) and N120,000.00 (for yearly payment).                                                                                                                          
  • In the event of early death (of investor) before maturity, the death benefit is the amount in the policyholders account (fund balance) plus the Life Cover mentioned.
  • Maturity benefit is accumulated account balance as at maturity date
  • Policy can be tendered as collateral with any financial institution
  • The policy offers Tax exemption on proceeds of investment.  

In all you do, remember that putting something aside for a rainy day is better than consuming it all.

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