Benefits Of Goods-In-Transit Insurance

Wise business owners put all necessary measures in place to limit  or transfer risks . They identify risks and mitigate against them accordingly through insurance.

One cannot be too careful when it comes to goods-in-transit. Different level of risks are associated with goods but there are higher risks when goods are meant be conveyed from one point to another. This ranges from damages from poor handling, auto accident, theft and other unwanted occurrences.

Considering the state of Nigerian roads and other peculiar factors, it is a wise decision to plan for the unexpected. If auto accidents can occur in developed countries how much more in developing countries with not-so-good roads.

Reasons stated above, and much more are good enough to buy a Goods-In-Transit insurance. It is an all risk policy which covers loss or damage to goods whilst in transit by road, rail or inland waters within the geographical limit of Nigeria.

The policyholder will be indemnified if the insured goods are lost or damaged by fire, theft, collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle whilst in transit or whilst in course of loading or unloading from the point conveyance to the stated destination or whilst temporarily housed in ordinary course of transit subject to the limits of this Policy.

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