Avoiding the Devil on Lagos Roads


Pic Credit: Simon Stratford

In the holy book, it is written that the devil wanders across the length and breadth of the earth looking for someone to devour. In a contemporary context, the devils include Okada riders, Keke Napep, reckless motorists, and their king: Danfo drivers.

Meanwhile, don’t expect to sight a monster with two horns on its head, robed in some red linen and blood dripping from its lips. The devil lives in commercial motorists and some private road users.

If you escape the Kekes on the highway, you can’t be spared from the cab operators and Danfo drivers’ careless maneuvering. You meet the devil everywhere. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, the devil is always busy, active and in motion. On the road, you see him in motorists.

Indeed, the devil in humans is more glaring outside. On the road, a devil incarnate gets angry when you do the right thing. It could be a bus conductor or a driver. It could be that motorist behind you honking furiously and making a disparaging gesture at you for stopping as the light turns red.

Interestingly, for stopping when the light turns red, a typical Danfo driver behind you is deliberately ready to hit you from the rear, if you are lucky, the conductor abuses you verbally and at the same time merely hits the body of your car with his fist.

In fact, hardly can you find a car with no signature on Lagos road. Signatures of dents, scratches and the likes. Your car is properly parked or on your lane, if Keke Marwa doesn’t bash and imprint its infamous yellow colour on your car, an Okada rider would break your side mirror or light.

Oh the king of the roads, Danfo. Those guys have nothing to lose. Don’t
struggle the lane with them. They own the road. The dosage of evil spirit
living in them is more than Keke and Okada combined.

How to avoid the devil on Lagos roads, avoid a road rage with Okada, Keke, Danfo, and other motorists. Above all, ensure you have a comprehensive insurance.

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